Armageddon Death Squad - Necrosmose

The French band Armageddon Death Squad, Strasbourg 2009, debut with this "Necrosmose" to give us a good dose of old-school technical death metal, a pleasant load of controlled power. They perfectly combine technical riffs with the most powerful parts, with a deep voice. The main influence of this band are Death, Pestilence and more. Also the melodic death metal of 90s in my opinion.

I hear here great solos, melodic parts, baroque parts, a touch of classical music. Within the metal and technical death metal, some brutal parts in some moments of album. The album is homogeneous, with moments of enormous inspiration and virtuosity, without great exhibition. Iin general each song has several stellar moments. As the closer of the album, comes a bonus track, 'The Comet', which is more aggressive than the rest of the album with different production but always in the line of this band.

The production is clear, sharp, you can hear all instruments, which is good for technical bands like Armageddon Death Squad. A highly recommended band for those who want to discover a great technical death metal band, or those who want to remember the great 90, will remind you of strokes of each band.


1. Demons
2. Annihilation
3. Dust And Blood
4. A Last Sacrifice
5. One More Explosion
6. Mask Of The Dead Witch
7. Dead Cold Planet
8. Necrosmose
9. Skeleton Satellite
10. Whispers Of Supernova
11. Requiem
12. Guttural Romance
13. The Comet