Architectural Genocide - Cordyceptic Anthropomorph

Right out of the gate, Architectural Genocide’s “Cordyceptic Anthropomorph” is an unrelenting, infectious beast spreading its fuming and insanity laden gospel to all who will listen; and lovingly shoved down the throats of those who will not! The music is somewhat unique in that it has the vibe of such bands as Nile, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, and Cephalic Carnage while adding a slight influence of grindcore to the overall feel. Add to that the technical ability to equal any other band playing this type of extreme metal. Most of the technical aspect is in the riffs but, considering the time changes and rhythm, the drums seem to be just as technical if not slightly more. They are triggered in some parts, but who doesn’t do that now days?

Going back to the guitars for a moment, there was something about the sound that struck me as odd. I’m pretty sure this was a production issue, but the guitars sound too “clean” in some parts of this release. Also, they seem to be tuned just a bit higher than other bands. I am not saying this is a bad thing, in fact, I like the approach the band has taken with this material. So many bands tune down low to get what I like to call the “sludgy pit of hell” sound, so it’s nice to hear a band that seems to be tuned a little higher. The brutality is still there, and no compromises are made or fillers thrown in for lack of talent. There is nothing lacking anywhere here.

Other than the seemingly polished guitar sound here and there, I think this is a perfect example of brutal death metal created from the blueprint of traditional death metal with innovation and preservation kept in mind while moving the genre forward into the next decade. What you have here is originality and a band that stands out from all the other bands who try to play this type of music but end up sounding like pig-squealing death-core copy cats. No, you’ll have none of that here. All you’re going to get is 8 servings of some of the best devastation to satisfy your metallic hunger.

Comatose Music has released this this beast of misery, and if you think this is a band you may like, give them a holler for more info. Architectural Genocide is a band that deserves 100 percent of the highest respect that any fan can give a band. 2020 is going to be a good year for these guys!


1. Spires Of Mangled Tissue
2. Hallucinogenic Demise
3. Dominate And Proliferate
4. Cordydeptic Anthropomorph
5. Gorge On Deceased
6. Pleasure Induced By Agony
7. Abolishment Of Human Existence
8. Burgeoning Necrosis