Apocalyptic Visions – Leave None Living

Second album for Apocalyptic Visions, cult name in the US underground since many years. This Leave None Living is a nothing less than a pure manifest of hate and nihilism and, musically talking, we have to do with a blasphemous and satanic death metal influenced by bands like Deicide, Acheron and Incantation. The whole album profits by a nice and “true” diabolic atmosphere and sometimes we can really feel “the hate”, like a presence on our shoulders: really positive point for a band with this kind of attitude. The problem is that, on the contrary, the music is not so convincing as the general feeling. Sometimes too chaotic and not well arranged, other times a little bit too obvious and not so special. I’m not talking about originality: no one here is looking for this when we are talking about an old school death metal album. But about winning ideas. The feeling is fine, the true attitude is really cool but for the next album I would like to have clearer ideas (…maybe 50 minutes are in my opinion too much for a death metal album and a dangerous risk for every band…), good arrangements and most of all a better production: probably this same album with a different recording session and with a decent mixing should be more convincing.

1. Leave None Living
2. All Shall Fall
3. Move And Appear
4. Destruction Ritual
5. Warship
6. Abyssal Plains
7. Eight Arms
8. Enemy
9. Extinction Level Event
10. Erase The Earth
11. Tearing Heaven Out Of The Sky
12. Magnificent Descent To The Infernal Chambers Of Hell
13. Caratathoa Imbricata
14. Tambores De Guerra
15. Parasite Rex
16. I Want You Dead
17. Funeral Furnace
18. Silence
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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