Aphelion / Dismal - Split

The connection between Aphelion, Dismal and Suffer Productions are Ron and Marc. Besides they are muscians they also run the UG label. So you know that this review has to be positive. Oke, here we go.

Aphelion plays fast brutal death metal with gutteral vocals, frenzy guitars and the torpedo drums. Besides the brutal attack the melody is important too. Not afraid to extend and add atmosphere. Although the clean vocalsinging in track 4 are horrible...haha. The songs have a certain tension which lets you listen till the end.

Dismal, already dead, played from 1993 till 1996. When a rehearsal tape was found in 2003 they decided to do something with it. New vocals were sung over and a disc was born. Also the layout was redone and ready for release. Sound quality is very DIY studio and the style is old style death metal. Mid tempo with breaks to uptempo. Very basic and very interesting for fans of Ron and Marc.

1. the arrival
2. impetuous hate
3. leid
4. dance of enemies
5. dog days
6. forever darkness
7. those times forlorn
8. entfesselung der seele
9. sin to be
10. vengeance shall be min
11. in the name of hate
12. the journey to knowledge
13. the dawn of a new age

14. soon to regret
15. maze of dementia
16. conciously mazed
17. day of sorrow
18. enigma of damnation and decadence
19. feeble cries
20. forever darkness
21. my final thoughts
22. rituale romanum
Suffer Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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