Aosoth - Ashes Of Angels

Aosoth are a french black religious black metal band of one person (T) but don't be fooled. There is nothing godly about this album and when you consider there is another 3 letters from the alphabet to play it live you had better look out. The first threat is a cold and yet tonefull guitar sound that is rarely found and difficult to achive. The music is furious and at the same time stark and there is definitely a Bathory feel but grinds through many interesting modes and levels which keeps you on the edge of your existence. The vocals are for me so far very unique and extremly cold and clear. Drums do exactly what they're meant to do and hold the blast without mincing into any elaborate fills and a good overall production gives this album a menacing atmospheric feel with shed loads of crushing double kick drop sections that just grind away. I make a point of picking bones where I can find them and for this album I would have choose a different kick drum effect (thats the best I can do) that aside, an overall amazing album that starts of with feel and just gets faster and faster. Gets my better than Darkthrone award.

1. Songs Without Lungs
2. Ashes Of Angels
3. Path Of Twisted Light
4. Embrace And Enlightenment
5. Teaching/Erasing
6. Summon The Dead
7. Cries Out Of Heaven
8. Communion Through Pain
9. Bannished
10. Inner War (cover Antaeus)

Agonia Records
Reviewer: Skaven
Feb 4, 2010

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