Anno Diaboli - Morbid Dreams

Anno Diaboli was formed in 2007 in Omsk, West Siberia. The band’s style is characterised by the fusion of aggression of fast complicated drum parts, massive guitar riffs and monumental epic orchestral arrangements. The cooperation with violin player for studio and live work gives a zest to the sound. Their first CD "Morbid Dreams" was released on the 24th of August 2012.

If someone said to me have you heard of a band called Anno Diaboli before today I would have said No! And if someone said – they are a band from Western Siberia I would have said No Way! Siberia is not a place I would associate with metal, black or otherwise, but it just goes to show that metal exists everywhere on the planet from sunny climbs to downright icy climbs and here is one such band from a very icy climb. Their name translated from Latin means – “In the year of the Devil’s Advocate” and very apt for a symphonic Black Metal band.

In The Mist
Scintillating and raw this pushes into the eerie gloom with a striking and haunting gnawing of tooth on bone and is a short instrumental track that holds a delicate and reflective mood extremely well.

Contrasting to the above track this is fast and monumental in delivery, surging fiercely triggering a raw complexity of blackened madness. Compelling in vocal extremity and inspiring with its classical symphonic components of epic glory. It embraces the listener and gives them a superb array of unbridled shifting in rhythms which is designed to impress and does so on all levels.

March Of Howlers
Another vigorous little track that will give you an appetite with its riveting and compelling rituals of symphonic orchestral splendour, tempered with atmospheric smouldering in abundance and unveiling a thick layer of textured intensity that is reflected in the vocal delivery as well as the monumental guitar riffs and damming kick beats played vehemently. The keyboards literally go out on a haunting limb and send a scintillating chill down the back bone.

Lie Near My Throne
Anno Diaboli return here in a more blackened vein, however it is impressively fuelled by unbridled passionately sick and scathing vocal with a contrasting rhythm swathed in epic melody. This is a thrilling encounter of extreme classical black metal that on reflection should impress the most darkened soul.

This E.P should without a doubt whet the appetite and feed the soul with its building climax of pure symphonic structured black metal that houses a scintillating and riveting vocal with impressive melodies and thick dark rhythms that fluctuate demonically from gigantic to simple and raw.

Mentally this will leave you in a reflective mood and deceptively it does not make you want to reach for the razor blades in a bid to stem the depression. Its dark roots just fuel intensely to leave you wanting more.  The fiery haunting keyboards give it a beautiful edge that is crisp and delightful whilst the guitars keep the compelling enthusiasm alive and the violin serves to give it that dramatic effect, adding in that scathing vocal and what you get here is a smouldering array of epic symphonic black metal with plenty of ravenous bites.


  1. In The Mist
  2. Warmonger
  3. March Of Howlers
  4. Lie Near My Throne

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 7, 2013

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