Angrrsth – Znikad

“Znikad” is the debut release from Polish black metallers Angrrsth. Angrrsth have quite a unique take on things, while black metal is their primary style they aren’t afraid to put in elements of other influences and they use pretty normal methods in their song writing. It is very accessible. I don’t have any doubt that someone who didn’t care for black metal at all would find this EP quite palatable.

The riffs and melodies are instantly recognisable and the opening track 'Krew I Trans' even has a bit of a breakdown in it! 'Upadlem' sets things apart with its clean introduction. The songs builds up to a full on shred and scream fest but the band maintain melody throughout to their strength.

As with all debut EP’s this shows what the band are about and what their intentions are. “Znikad” serves this purpose well and lays the foundations nicely. Now time will reveal how they build on them.

A release well worth checking out. It’s good solid black metal that is easy to get into with well written, thought out songs with a nice dark morbid atmosphere and a healthy use of melody. The lyrics are all in Polish by the way so Satan knows what they are singing about but that never did Rammstein any harm. Also be sure to grab the CD version as it comes with a bonus track which is longer than any of the official tracks and is well worth the tiny extra.


1. Krew I Trans
2. I Kopyt Słyszę Stuk
3. Upadłem
4. Siarka I Kwas
5. Nad Głową Sznur