Amon – Liar In Wait

This album passed me by, I knew the Hoffman brothers had formed this project but heard nothing more of it. I saw a post of the video for the opening track “Among us” the other day, I dug deeper and saw the album came out in 2012! So I immediately ordered it and thought I’d do a back track review, better late than never!

When Deicide literally split in half, the Hoffman were tossed out of the band and Glen Benton and Steve Asheim released the later day masterpiece “The Stench Of Redemption”. With Glen’s scathing remarks about the brothers and the monumental leap in quality from the previous auto pilot albums that preceded it, it was safe to assume that the brothers were the root of the problems within the band. However neither brother played up to the media circus, both stayed quiet and bided their time to put together this wretched beast of an album.

Musically Amon pick up the Brian and Eric Hoffman left off from their previous band hence taking back the name the band used before adopting the moniker Deicide. The image from the bands early day with the armor etc is back and looking cooler than ever. On Vocals and Bass is Jesse Jolly and on drums is Mike Petrak both formally from Success will write Apocalypse across the sky.

It has to be said this is a gem of an album. It stands up against Deicide’s best post split material as well as the classics. It has the brutality of the early albums with the razor sharp riffs and intricate time patterns plus the darkness and hellish atmosphere along with little hidden melodic passages like those found on “Serpents Of The Light” all with a modern production so everything has a clean new show room shine!  Jesse Jolly does an amazing vocal performance sounding somewhere between Glen Benton and George Corpsegrinder. He also delivers vocals at lightning speed, just listen to 'Sentience And Sapience'.

All in all I can’t believe this album has fallen under the radar, it’s essential for Deicide fans and Death Metal fans in general. If you love Deicide, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Nile and the like grab this gem now. What remains to be seen is what happens next? I certainly hope this isn’t a one off.

  1. Among Us
  2. Eye Of The Infinite
  3. Lash Thy Tongue And Vomit Lies
  4. Liar In Wait
  5. Reaching For Flesh
  6. Semblance Of Man
  7. Sentience And Sapience
  8. Spat Forth From The Darkness
  9. Wraith Of Gaia

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 11, 2015

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