Ammit - Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno

In the infosheet for this CD names are mentioned of Sodom, Venom and Bathory. No bad comparison because it puts the finger on the right spot. Ammit comes from Chile and is playing in the same style when those bands were on their top. All mixed with intros the songs breath the classic raw black metal wind from the mid 80s. Raw vocals, destructive drums and violent guitars. Songs that are not too complicated but just going for the pure blasphemy. The two albums are put on CD (previously only on cassette) together with 3 songs from 2004 as a preview of their new album. More raging hatred to be expected.

1. Intro: Morbid sound / god is the devil
2. Blasphemy and lust
3. Kill all the angels
4. Mass suicide
5. Intro: the holy trininty of incest and agony / burner
6. The red night
7. Intro: desecración / posesión
8. Welcome antichrist
9. Outro: resurrección y lapidacion
10. Plagues of death
11. Vengeance command
12. Black candles
13. Violent poison
14. Death moon
15. Conspiracy
16. Possessed by evil
17. Ritualistic crime
18. Outro: Steel inferno
19. Bring death
20. Cuero negro (black leather)
21. Ataud (coffin)
From Beyond Prod
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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