Amdutaum - Seas Of Emptyness

S.A. is an awesome and creatuve artist hailing out from Norway and Amduatum is S.A.'s Black Metal project. The name Amdutaum is influenced by the funerary texts and death writings of Ancient Egypt. The music of Amdutaum is based on it's author's expression of how life is experienced or wished to be experience presented through a musical atmosphere letting it's surroundings lend their influences to it. "Seas Of Emptyness" is an introduction to our world of what Amdutaum is all about. I must say that these tracks are emotional and create a meloncholic atmosspher of despair, sadness, and yes emptyness. This is musical depression at it's finest using an old school sound with raw recording makes this a black metal master piece for those who appreciate going back to basics and whom are not looking for overly produced "new black" sound and style. This album has a character of it's own. I rate this one a 5/5 and do recommend that all true black metal fans get a hold of this one.

1. Tormented
2. An Illusion Of Truth
3. Drain Of Will
4. Consumed By Sorrow
5. Sjelens Minnegrav
6. Seas Of Emptyness

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 12, 2009

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