Amber Tears - Revelations Of Renounced

Had this reviewer been headfast into gothic doom soundscapes (pagan doom according to the band write-up) with no end, maybe then I could lean a word of appreciation to this release. Yet since I have a life that includes the pleasures of listening to a wider musical palette, I regret to be as blunt as deeming this release as “boring” at its best.
Entitled “Revelation of Renounced”, I cannot fail but wonder if these kids took it upon themselves to be isolated in a way that they took all these years to produce an album where all songs sound close to the same? Hailing influences as AMORPHIS, MOONSORROW and the themselves ever-changing ANATHEMA, I am sure that being from Russia does not effect their exposure to further musical influences, so while they claim “pain, desperation, dreams, love and death” as further influences, I dream they save me the pain to hear them again.

1. Intro
2. Through Autumnal Ruin
3. Leaving Tears
4. Above The Fields Of Ages...
5. Call Of The Dream
6. On The Way Of Shadows
7. Snow
8. Renounced Solitude

Stygian Crypt Productions
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009

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