Alvheim - I Et Fjort Fortid

The sweet sounds from Hell itself are found within this Black Metal Viking styled album. Alvheim is a one man demon possessed genius named Alvar, who has craweled out from the bowels of Russia to bring to us his unholy creation "I Et Fjort Fortid."

Even though this album hails from Russia and it created by a Russian all lyrics here are in true Viking Norwegian. Vocals are eerie hellish growels accompanied by an atmospheric sound that brings it's listener to the right frame of mind and feeling bringing visions of brutal Viking battles and leaving the essence of the Norse Gods in it's mist. I love the accurstics in the forth and titled track "I Et Fjort Fortid". I feel it gives a nice break, creating a dreamy mood sort of like what a true succeed warrior would feel when it is time to journey into Valhalla which also prepares the mind for the 5th and final track which is a cover of Darkthrone's "Graven Takeheimens Saler". I really love this classic track and it is executed nicely here.

Alvheim is very successful with having managed to re-create that primative deep dark old school black metal style and has captured that cold grim Norwegian sound which all fans of original black metal will love. This artist is true and loyal to his worship of the old Norwegian sound and this influence is carried out on this album without a flaw. "I Et Fjort Fortid" is the debute album for Alvheim who should be proud of his master piece which is highly impressive when one also takes into consideration that this guy's first language is Russian but due to his love of old Norwegian black metal he has not only managed to bring back it's sound and atmosphere with this album but also has managed to learn and sing the language which is a far cry from his native tongue.

Yes I do highly recommend this album, it is a must for all fans of the original primitive Norwegian black metal scene as well as for anyone who appreciates and loves true Viking Black Metal at it's finest. This is a very stong album, if I must nitpick to find any fault with it, I guess I would have to say that the drum machine's synthetic sound is it's weakest link (at least I think it is a drum machine or drum program). The drums are the only thing that are not 100% convincing yet with the way all is mixed here this is a minor flaw and does not stand out that much when taking all else into consideration.Please do check it out.

1. Stormens Sang 

2. Til Valhallen 

3. Det Onde Riket 

4. I Et Fjort Fortid 

5. Graven Takeheimens Saler
6. Outro

Gardarika Musikkh
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 24, 2010

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