Altered Dead - Returned To Life

Man Oh Man, Altered Dead. This duo, from Victoria BC, just dropped a serious banger. I was in the dark about them until this release. But, damn, "Returned To Life" (which is their 2nd full length) is a face melter. Before I get into this LP, I'll go on record saying that - if you consider yourself a fan of death metal and don't love this album, you better rethink your so-called fan status.

"Returned To Life" opens with 'Mental Suicide' and quickly you can pick up the Autopsy influence. Duh, what DM head doesn't appreciate Autopsy. So, fuck it, do that shit. It's big, It's heavy. It's nasty. It's filthy. It's old school. It's fucking death metal. It's not flashy. Again, it's fucking death metal, so who needs sparkle? It is filled with hooks..... because each riff itself could be considered a hook. Instant worship. It riffs. It chunks. It grooves. It blasts. It makes your head move. It makes you look forward to what else is coming, all the while enjoying the moment that's crushing your skull.

A few songs later is, 'Prosodemic Realms', which is hands down my favorite track. I'll reference an earlier line - if this song doesn't get you stoked, just throw away the non existent death metal membership card. The riff at :51, in all it's dark and unsettled beauty, is THE RIFF of this album. I've, on more than one occasion, gone back to this riff and jammed it multiple times - knowing that more sick riffage is on the horizon.

Following is 'Empostomb'. Beginning slow and evil as fuckkkkkkkkk. You think slower shit can give you a breather? Nope. This is not a "bathroom break" riff - as it rains shrapnel. The slower pace picks up about 2 minutes into the track and unleashes more classic fast dm riffing. I may add, tossing in a riff reminiscent of some mid/ late 80s Slayer. But, undeniably, this IS Altered Dead. Fuck, I can't get enough.

Track 9, '...Of The Oppressed' is the final "Altered Dead" track on the album, and like the previous 8 songs, stay strapped in cuz this is nothing short of a DM onslaught. Lotsa blasting. Lotsa riffing (of course), Lotsa hellish screams. Lotsa thoughts of - shit, this doesn't stop ripping. It does fade out in pounding evil fashion. Pure DM magic.

Track 10 - Celtic Frost's 'Into the Crypts Of Rays'. You know it. You (should) love it. The fucking kill this. Their version pays praise to these metal gods and gives this song the respect it deserves.

I'll end by saying - if you haven't yet, get this LP, blast it, tattoo the name Altered Dead on your fucking face.

Favorite Tracks:
'Returned To Life'
'Prosodemic Realms'

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Mental Suicide
2. Returned To Life
3. Final Pathogen
4. Prosodemic Realms
5. Empostomb
6. Thrawing In Agony
7. Ensanguine Path
8. Rotting Outwards
9. ...Of The Oppressed
10. Into The Crypts Of Rays (cover Celtic Frost)