Altar Of Sin - Tales Of Carnage First Class

"The most extreme thrash metal band from Spain" - that's what Altar Of Sin's Facebook page claims. Quite a bold statement if you ask me but let's hear anyway what Goyo Hammerhead (drums/vocals), Carlos Overkill (guitars/vocals) and Javier Destructor (bass) have to offer. "Tales Of Carnage First Class" is the band's second full-length album and first for Dave Rotten's Xtreem Music.

From the opening track "Master Satan" it becomes clear that Altar Of Sin like their thrash mixed with a solid dose of raw death/black metal. The fundament of the music is undoubtfully thrash - just hear "Wrapped In A Black Cloak" which sounds like a mix of Slayer riffs and the manic speed of Dark Angel. Goyo Hammerhead totally destroys his drum-kit with fast double bass drumming and grinding swaths. He also shares together with the guitarist Carlos the responsibility for the diabolical vocals that lean more towards death metal than thrash. "Hard&Extreme" is a fast thrash/grind/crossover track which reminds me of the Brazilian legends Ratos De Porao and the following "Voodoo Hell (Blessed By The Devil)" is in the vein of Possessed and old Deicide. However my personal favourite track is "Into The Pit" - a moshing anthem of pure thrashing mad fun. In the other tracks you will also discover traces from Venom, Sodom, Master and even some heavy metal parts. Altar Of Sin have managed to blend those different influences and the final result is one solid thrash/death album which will hardly disappoint the fans of the genre.

1. Master Satan
2. Wrapped In A Black Cloak
3. Tales Of Carnage
4. Hard & Extreme
5. Voodoo Hell (Blessed By The Devil)
6. De Tribus Impostoribus
7. Les Demons
8. Into The Circle Pit
9. Outro Malignant Enclosure

Reviewer: Tsvetan
May 23, 2012
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