Alley - The Weed

This Russian 4 piece and their debut album "The Weed" brings to us progressive death metal with hints of hard rock meets doom combo... This album is a high quality recording,sounds to be professionally mixed and is very smartly presented.Using long compositions in a very unpredictable and unusual manner which tend to give it's listener a feeling or emotion that can be hard to pinpoint in discription. In my opinin this is one of those albums which has to grow on you and some may not be sure of what they really think of it the first go around, I have found that the more I listened to "The Weed" the more I was able to connect with it's mood. "The Weed" is definately worth getting into and I am curious to future works from Alley.

1. Duhkha

2. Coldness

3. Dust Layer

4. Hessian Of Rime

5. Fading Fall

6. Jaded Mirrored

7. Days For Gray
BadMoodMan Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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