All Shall Perish - Awaken The Dreamers

The 3th full-length album of ALL SHALL PERISH "Awaken The Dreamer" eventually has come and can be poured to extreme metal audiences over September 2008, with Nuclear Blast as the prominent label due releases spreader. Nothing to gain from the preparation before this album recorded except amazement because of short time whereby. A little from last album where this band tried to orient their music to melodic Death Metal decreasing the new school beats and raw contents or Death Core that became the typical genre as representing mind for this band besides. There are 12 tracks right away packaged with flawless cover also artwork. Harmonised tones and melodies from long parts often steal the atmosphere that put on the middle brutality--although the sound is not too heavy than before. Possibly, many fans get astonished where flinching/pounding from speed accuracies and chaotic direction that become the usual for this band almost altered---influences from bands such as: NECROPHAGIST, DECREPIT BIRTH, also Scandinavian bands fulfilled the inspiration. Solid pounds from songs  are almost deviated to the harmonic intuition that excess by technical leads. So many tones taken such as classic, sad-expanded for bass are.Yeah, the new era has given ambience to many  metal bands as an extraordinary especially technical and melodic elements in the progressiveness of arrangements. The explicit titles as "Awaken The Dreamer", compositions that arranged visionary due the middle beats is so harmonious to take the realm which set conscience with contemplative subject. And then "Never Again" that put on plucking to grief damning, becomes one of slower songs that more catchy but not easy chords created. More, also enacted powerfully for this release-- medley, enthusiastic and crushing from all contents that arranged with with no incompleteness due the elements in appearances. A step forward to heighten the grade for scene retribution and Death Metal particularly. So many suppositions for this album at the time references take the intrinsic meaning and become the tremendous views so far to the next album. So,  get the spirit for this release and feel the outpouring to loose the weakness of wish and nothingness, drown the power and leave the lazy boredom....

1. When Life Meant More...
2. Black Gold Reign
3. Never...Again
4. The Ones We Left Behind
5. Awaken The Dreamers
6. Memories Of A Glass Sanctuary
7. Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation
8. Gagged, Bound, Shelved And Forgotten
9. Until The End
10. From So Far Away
11. Misery's Introduction
12. Songs For The Damned
Nuclear Blast
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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