Alkoholizer - Free Beer Surf's Up!!!

I guess from the title and the band name you can surmise that this is an Italian thrash band who like to sing about beer right? However, steering clear of the obvious German band, these have a touch of early-Anthrax, early-Death Angel and SOD/Cro Mags in their checklist and is super smooth super-fast stuff blessed with a touch of humour.

‘Surfin’ Beer’ is one of those thrashers you can get you head down and do the business too and ‘Breathalize and Destroy!!’ is a great flexing thrash-o-holics wet dream. This may not be unique but it is very well crafted and at each point of any of the tracks there is a high level of quality. ‘Antisocial Trap’ and the closer ‘Stop Hit off the Ghetto - Join the Boar Party’ are real highlights. The latter uses what I can best describe as a Tin Pan Alley style addition to the drumming, urban tribalism at its best!

All in all, any thrasher of the US style will enjoy this release, it’s on my shopping list, quite simply Alkoholizer have produced an album in homage the beer drinking, so with this theme they have a high level of respect from me anyway, but in all seriousness. This is a refreshing (sic) release that has plenty of riffs, solos and cool vocal sounds for any true thrasher to get their teeth into and one of the better thrash album of 2014 I have heard.

  1. The Hogmosh - Nozno Strikes Back!!!  
  2. Faceless  
  3. Surfin' Beer 
  4. Breathalize And Destroy!! 
  5. System Aberration  
  6. Never Come Back Sober...  
  7. Antisocial Trap  
  8. Skating Madness  
  9. Mind Pollution  
  10. Stop Hit Off The Ghetto - Join The Boar Party!!!