Alea Jacta - The Empire Will Fall

Alae Jacta's 'The Empire Will Fall' record is a must-have to add to your collection if you're a die hard hardcore fanatic. If however, like me you're not too obsessed with this scene then there's some little criticism to talk about. First of, the six tracks on the album are pretty much top notch written songs, fulled by thrashy riffs and throaty screams, the music ain't bad. Production wise - it's a little pre dated. Perhaps the band were going for this rough sound, but for me it just doesn't work and this is the downfall of the record. 

Putting the grief aside, the six tracks offer variety which is something I love to see in metal bands. Each track is different and that's just what you want to hear. Especially final track 'Wake Up' which provides some interesting use of clean vocals, very melodic sounding - again adds to the variation. 'Vengeance Is Mine' proves as a beastly, furious rage; boasting that hardcore can do more than just basic stale riffs and shouts. This track truly ignites a passion for the scene, and there's definitely room for more bands like this. 

The Spanish hardcore mob continue to impress with 'Silence Comes', easily a favourable track amongst the lot. The riffs being the key ingredient to keeping the listener at bay, whilst the vocalists' almost metalcore sounding screams battle out, boasting a slight advantage on the other work input. 

According to all research I've done on this band, the members very much enjoy making heavy, in-your-face music. Which is perfect, do what you enjoy and others will appreciate that. For me I think it's more of a case that I appreciate this music, more than I enjoy it. Still a worthy attempt, but I can see this band capable of much more on a future release.

1. The Way
2. Vengeance Is  Mine
3. We Are The Storm
4. Silence Comes
5. The Empire Will Fall
6. Wake Up

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 18, 2013

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