Albino Bone Rituals - Reveal Thy Horrors

The band were put together in early 2010 by guitarist D. Milkovitch (ex – Druul, Ex – Throne of Stone) and drummer Dan Kelly (ex – Scorched Altar). A chance meeting led them to their vocalist, Adam. After their demo release, the band had a song included on Terrorizer’s January 2011 issue, and this is their second demo release. The band play ugly, brutal old school death metal, that, as quoted on MySpace, will ‘crush your bones to dust.’

This three track demo further showcases their death metal heritage and abilities. This very drum intensive intro from the first song Spirit Vomit sets up the drum expectations for the demo, and they do not disappoint. Speedy and with plenty of expertise, the raw drum sound is the primary backdrop for the band, especially with it energetic if staccato playing at times. The guitar is deep and rich, and works seamlessly with the drummer providing a well –structured backdrop to the guttural growls of the vocalist shining through. Neither the instrumental or vocal takes a real backseat, as this perfectly mixed demo manages to pull both together into a coherent and cohesive mix instead of relying on th strength of one to cover the deficiencies of the other.

This three-track demo is pitched at the old-school death metal fan, and this is the perfect crowd for it. Relying on the skills of the musicians, they manage to play perfectly together while still keeping the fire and soul in each of their song, with irrepressible and repetitive guitar riffs cracking up against a heavy, hard drum backdrop that is then pulled together by the strong and forceful vocals. However, the three track is a bit of a worry and it would have been nice to have heard more from these guys, as hopefully we will in the future.

  1. Spirit Vomit
  2. Slaughtered Innocence
  3. Master Of All

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 16, 2012

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