Alabama Thunderpussy - Open Fire

1996 Was the year that 3 guys started to jam together to make some dirty kick ass rock n roll. In a basement they came up with the name Alabama Thunderpussy and the start was made. Now in 2007 they release their 6th full length with 11 dirty tracks. Tempo is mid tempo and leaning on a thick walls of guitarriffs with good sensative and sharp leads. Alabma Thunderpussy delivers an album that is making a cross between hardrock, metal and rock n roll. Songs that are easy listening, sound familiar and groovy but still having a heavy side. This album is suitable for a bikers cafe or just an evening at home with a six pack.

1. The Cleansing
2. Void Of Harmony
3. Words Of The Dying Man
4. The Beggar
5. None Shall Return
6. Whiskey War
7. A Dreamer's Fortune
8. Valor
9. Open Fire
10. Brave The Rain
11. Greed
Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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