Akral Necrosis – Underlight

Hailing from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, Akral Necrosis are a black metal band. Their band name means “decaying of peripheral tissue", i.e. dying fingers, toes etc. Several bandmembers have also played in Wormgod. “Underlight” is the bands second full-length.

Their sound is very clear, a modern and high end production, but with still enough “grit” in the guitar and bass to have an aggressive edge. The singers screams are also nice and raspy.

The songs are themselves reminiscent of Marduk, albeit more mid-tempo, so no scorching high BPM, blastbeats, only some mid tempo blast more reminiscent of Marduks older albums. Besides the Marduk references, Akral Necrosis also has a melodic and even proggy streak, with even some clean guitar passages and atmospheric leads (for instance in the 3rd track 'Saturnian Gallows').

The songs are catchy, very well composed and played. Sure these guys haven’t reinvented the well, but this is a good album, which grows onto you with time!

  1. Separator
  2. King In Yellow
  3. Saturnian Gallows
  4. Exhortatio Ad Bellum
  5. Purge
  6. Sin Gauntlet
  7. Hounds Of Plague
  8. Blackthrone
  9. Underlight

Reviewer: N.Ottink
Aug 31, 2017

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