Airged L'Amh - The Silver Arm

From Greece comes this epic folk metal. Classic metal with clean male vocals who is backed with multiple vocals. The guitars are dominant and they are riffing fanatik with nice leads and the drums are stamping. The whole album is based on a concept of an ancient battlefield. Airged L'Amh (The Silver Arm) is obssessed by battles from the past and it is ullustrated by the great cover image. Strong album because of its simplicity and intensity.

1. Intro / Guardian Of The Ancient Deeds
2. Fate Of The King
3. Dissention Seeds
4. Warp Spasms
5. Mourning Grief
6. The Silver Arm
7. Balor Of The Evil Eye
8. The Arrival
9. Armies Assemble
10. Splendor Divine
11. Painless Vengeance
12. End Domain
13. Homeland
Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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