Ahret Dev – Hellish

From the dark bowels of Poland’s finest label Godz Ov War we have a reissue! Not sure if is the first reissue the label have put out but they concentrate mainly on new material. "Hellish" from now defunct band Ahret Dev is a half hour of technical, brutal bliss which will have you scratching your head how you never came across it before and why it wasn’t a bigger hit to begin with because it sound as fresh as anything being released today.

Opening with an Evil Dead style voiceover the band kicks into 'Izis Ode' the track instantly brings to mind the technical proficiency of Morbid Angel and the rage and rawness of early Deicide with Kerry King whizzing solos thrown in as icing on the demented rotting cake. The band goes straight for the throat on every track. Only the closing track 'Nebirius' goes over the four minute mark. It’s all attack either, the band just don’t mess around in getting on with the song. There’s no waste here and not a second spared but the band mange to fit in different textures and sounds to keep things moving.

With the odd timed and frantic riffage on display backed by fantastic drumming the band wouldn’t sound a million miles away from Hate Eternal if they had today’s production. 'Lords of Illusion' shows a dark atmosphere with its feedback introduction leading into another thick batch of riffs and deep growls.

All said, this is fantastic listen. A genuine death metal gem has been unearthed here and to top it all off this comes with a second CD of 17 tracks which includes a Demo and 2 rehearsals.

Do yourself a favour and get this!


1. Izis Ode
2. The Damned
3. Lords Of Illusion
4. Inhumation
5. Eardh Kha Aamon Reeh
6. Archnemezis
7. Seventh Gate
8. Nebirius

Bonus CD

Demo 1995
3.Master's Temptation
4.Greet The Cursed With Your Wrath
5.The Chasm
6.Shall They Burn

Promo 1997
7.Izis Ode (rough mix)

Rehearsal 1994
8. Hydra
9. Master's Temptation
10. The Chasm
11. Greet The Cursed With Your Wrath
12. Shall They Burn
13. War

Wenetis - Rehearsal 1992 (pre Ahret Dev)
14. Slaughter
15. Brzask
16. Damnation
17. Nekroskop