Ahnengrab - Omen

This is the second album for this pagan/black/folk metal outfit from Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg, Germany. The name translates to ‘grave of the ancestors’ and formed in 2006, 2 years before their debut album. There has been 4 years since this albums release and has the wait been worth it?

Honestly, yes! The mix of folk and black metal is perfectly balanced, with the lighter, near ethereal providing the perfect juxtaposition not only musically but lyrically, with the deep bass rumbling growl of the lyrics pulsing through a the clash of guitars and drum works together to create a unique and memorable sound not often heard in modern pagan/black metal.

Massive contrasts are created throughout, and notwithstanding the most obvious of the orchestral music against the ripping, heavy guitars that penetrate every single song. The ambience is reminiscent of a war or a massive battle and this albums builds to a crescendo of noise that is sweetly mixed and cut together by some very talented if a little twisted minds.

  1. Intro/Seeking For The Past
  2. Ruinen
  3. Die Das Licht Ne Sehen Warden
  4. Gleich Einem Stein
  5. Furcht
  6. Feuer Kapitel I – Entfacht
  7. Feuer Kapitel II – Flammenheer
  8. Ermattend' Glanz Im Niedergang
  9. Wind
  10. Omen
  11. Outro