Ahab - The Giant

With a gap of three years, German Doom Metal troupe AHAB have now returned with their third full length release ‘The Giant’. For those of you familiar with Ahab you’ll know that they combine a love of sea-faring tails with a deep look at the depths of the human psyche, and this particular release covers Edgar Allen Poe’s novel of Arthur Gordon Pym’s narrative and draws much inspiration from this. The great thing about Ahab is their persistence in creating long songs which draw you into a story rather than short sharp tracks which fly by in an instant. With Ahab you have time to really get into what they are creating and as a band who takes their time over each track the quality they achieve is astounding. With that in mind it really shows in the results, as opening track ‘Further South’ is epic, dramatic and deeply enjoyable throughout.

‘The Giant’ is an album that you can just lose yourself in. As Ahab play as their down tuned slowed down best you just find yourself wallowing in the ambiances that they produce. What I love about Ahab is the winding melodies that run throughout their songs, in no rush whatsoever Ahab just let the story play out in their own plodding fashion, musicianship at the highest standard and the sounds that comes from it are just superb. from start to finish ‘The Giant’ is immaculate, engaging and thought-provoking and you’ll be hard pressed to listen to anything more inspiring and original all year!

  1. Further South
  2. Aeons Elapse
  3. Deliverance (Shouting At The Dead)
  4. Antarctica The Polymorphess
  5. Fathoms Deep Below
  6. The Giant

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst
Jun 13, 2012

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