Ahab - The Call Of The Wretched Sea

"The Call Of The Wretched Sea" is Soul-searching, gut-wrenching entertainment. The idea of a theme album based on a literary classic set to ambient funeral doom soundcape is pure genius. I have never had the pleasure of reading the Herman Melville classic, "Moby Dick" but just keeping in mind the theme of Capt. Ahab on his quest to kill the white whale adds dimension and life to the music.

For example, listening to the second track, "The Pacific" you can feel the vastness of the ocean sonically wash over you in wave after relentless wave. On "The Hunt" you can imagine the feelings of depraved resignation that must have enveloped the crew of the Pequod as they became more and more deeply entangled in Ahab's demented obsession.

Every song on the album is a heavy atmospheric mess. Massive guitar riff motifs, haunting melody lines, growls of an animal caught in a bear trap together with clean background monastic chants and drums that crash upon the eardrums of the listener with the force of a 50-foot whitecap as it cascades across the starboard bow... it all serves to enrapture and pull your soul into the adventure of a doomed vesssel as it proceeds ever so majestically on its ill-fated voyage.

AHAB is a side project of members of the band MIDNATTSOL and "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" and is a follow-up to their four-song demo "The Oath" from the year 2005. Although the album art is very similar to the cover for MASTODON's "Leviathan," every thing else about this recording is intensely unique and original. If you are a typical metal-head, in addition to giving you something to bang your head to in slow-mo, "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" is going to broaden your literary spectrum and make you into a more well-rounded person!!

1. Below The Sun
2. The Pacific
3. Old Thunder
4. Of The Monstrous Pictures Of Whales
5. The Sermon
6. The Hunt
7. Ahab's Oath
Napalm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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