Agggressor - Bury Your Idols

It’s been three years since this Mexican thrash band entered the arena with a pretty special debut in "Release Of Aggression". Continued on this second release is a similar sound and delivery to all era’s of Exodus, which is a pretty good starting point, very bay area sounding with plenty of raw aggression as the name suggests.

'Political Disaster' takes a pop at the establishment with an entertaining Mikey Mouse intro, prior to some thumping thrash, enough to raise your blood pressure to boiling point. 'All You Need Is Blood' is a play on the Beatles song to a certain extent with some thrashing madness included for good measure, but “fuck you John Lennon” jokingly stated at the end doesn’t figure in my mind, is that a serious comment or a joke? The context is not clear. Whilst there are plenty of other tributes along the way on this album. Lyrically 'Black Flag (We Are Pirates)' lends the words from Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Megadeth and so on, musically I’m loving the energy, the fight, the angst. That said, there’s more depth in other places on this album. The slower start to 'Thrash, Therefore I Am' puts a stake in the ground before you go head first into the circle pit of bay area constitutional metal.

'Agents Of Chaos' is another jewel. Although I could be cynical here, the damn fine work on offer does tread the path of Exodus rather a lot, even some Death Angel, whether intentional or lovingly inspired by, I don’t know, it’s good, but they are critically leaving themselves open to keyboard warriors of the world here! The only other thing I feel I would comment on is the tried and tested method of controversy in the logo, yes 666 and the SS symbols, it’s been done before, but at least they are a good band and produce real thrash, so they can be forgiven in this instance.

Definitely a purchase, definitely a top thrash album bringing life to a stale genre. Agggressor are the nuts, there are a few niggles from me, but any self-respecting thrasher should get this and enjoy this. The resultant smile from myself when I am listening assures me of my thoughts anyway!

  1. Intro (Art Is Dead)  
  2. You Are God  
  3. Thrash, Therefore I Am 
  4. Bury Your Idols  
  5. Angelus Novus  
  6. Political Disorder  
  7. All You Need Is Blood  
  8. Agents Of Chaos  
  9. Black Flag (We Are Pirates)  
  10. No Man’s Land (Let The Fire Burn)  
  11. Profanation  
  12. Johnny B. Bad (Chuck Berry remake)