Age Of Agony - Machinery Of Hatred

With 2 full length albums and a split CD on their back, these Hungarian old schoolers here, took the time on 2011 to release their third full length with title, "Machinery Of Hatred". For those who don't know the name Age Of Agony (myself included), a little search on their name will uncover an old school death metal band, that got together back in 2002, and this full length here, the third for these guys, is their last release! As it is mentioned above, their favorite cup of tea is old school death metal, and this is what will fill the room once you purchase this one! Rough guitars, fat bass guitar, mostly attached to the guitar playing, and drumbeats that bring a late 80s early 90s aura holding it together! The vocals of course are the typical death metal growls, that we all loved in bands as Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Grave and the list goes on!

11 Songs in this full length, which lasts 42 minutes and it will definitely bring a lot of memories to the aged ones in the scene! Unfortunately, this is as far as this release here goes! The rhythms are tight, and the production is at it should be. Even the cover has an aura of the old days, when death metal didn't need a music school background to be played! All these are set perfect in this record! What this album seems to lack a bit, is originality! And of course how can this be original, when all this type of music was played years ago, and practically there's not so many new stuff left to play. I know that, and of course no one would expect a virgin born out of this. It is just that at some points I found myself getting tired by the repetition of some riffs, or even found some riffs that really no one would miss if they were cut off! It looks that some parts in this CD were recorded just to make a song or a record longer! For instance, take the pre last song, called 'Fatality', that lasts 4:30 minutes. It is almost constructed by one riff!! Ok there might be two or more, but the riffs used are so similar that make the song sound like for 4:30 minutes, you are listening to one riff! Of course this is just an observation I personally made, and others might not notice! I don't want to create the wrong impressions here though!

"Machinery Of Hatred" has many interesting parts and interleaves! It is an album that addresses mostly to the crowd of death metal that are fond of the old school stuff! Those are definitely going to find an interesting album to buy! Those who haven't yet cos let us not forget, this is a 2011 release we're talking here! So any fans of the golden 80s era out there, definitely check this out! Now as for the youngest dudes here, what can I say? A try won't hurt anybody! An honest release from a band that truly believes in what they play! Sometimes honesty is all it takes for an album to be great, and trust me, these guys reek don't just play old school. Judging by the band photo, they are old school to the bone! Think you can handle it? I'd like to see you try!

  1. Panzer Metal
  2. Brothers
  3. Alteration
  4. The Last Division
  5. Demigod
  6. Summoning
  7. Venom
  8. Fragments
  9. Fatality
  10. Fortress
  11. Recurring Suffering (cover Parasite Crowd)