Agankast - Walking With Angels... Running With Devils

Agankast from Scotland is releasing their latest album as a double set. The first is "Walking With Angels" and contains the style they used to play. Thrash but in a mid paced tempo, heavy growls and guitars that riff heavy and steady and pouring out nice leads, The tunes can be sing a long with right away and don't forget the headbanging airguitar. But the second disc "Running With Devils" is showing the new path they have chosen with a new 17 year old guitarist. Tempo of the tracks is going up and the guitars really crank out loud. But the drums should use more variation in his patterns because now it looks like he is only knowning a few rhythm hits. But this is the kind of thrash metal we known from Britain as it remembers sometimes to Onslaughts "The Force". I would say go on like this and throw the speed more up and drive the new guitarist to his max capabilities. Thrash!

1. Walking With Angels
2. Insomniac
3. Little America
4. March To Hell
5. English Heart Scottish Blood
6. More Battle
7. Mortality
8. Crematorium
1. Heathen
2. Razorfire
3. She Bleeds Blood
4. Driving Out The Demons
5. This War
6. End It All
7. Contaminated
8. Soulstealer
9. Running With The Devils
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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