Affliction Gate - Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions

After a rather successful debut album back in 2009, French Death Metal act Affliction Gate is back with a new EP to sate fan hunger. It is brief, but full of four tracks brimming with old school Death Metal- raw and crushing. "Memories Of Battlefield" opens slow and brooding- one could easily mistake this for Doom Metal- but then the pace picks up with the faster riffs that sound like a buzz saw, easily sequenced drumming that keeps up the Doom elements, and deep growls that help carry distortion that will be reminiscent of groups like Incantation or Asphyx. Other tracks like "Raven" just kick off hard from the start and charge right along. There are a few slow moments here and there, but overall it is just crushing. The band even throws in a few spoken word moments, but they are lost in the sea of ferocity. The closing "Omega" is a complete surprise as it is not Death Metal at all, but instead just piano and orchestra. A complete 180 from what fans might have expected, it closes the album on a sad, but varied note, and oddly enough will stick with most listeners due to such a difference from the other tracks. Overall, the music here is raw and blazing- most expecting a clean, solid album done in Cannibal Corpse style will be disappointed- but those looking for more of an Immolation based sound will be quite impressed.


1. Memories Of Battlefield
2. Aftermath Curse
3. Raven... Never Again
4. Omega