Affliction Gate - Severance (Dead To This World)

As we can read in the biography, this band had many troubles keeping a stable line up in the past. These guys have been rehearsing since 2006 at their natal France, but is until August 2008 they could release this piece of death metal. Three tracks are enough to show us a very good work and will not disappoint metalheads over the 30’s. You will not find here an ultra clean ass – technical death metal with modern and pop sound. This is death metal in the vein of “old school” (DEATH, BENEDICTION, ASPHIX, GRAVE) I haven’t heard in a long time from this country. War sounds announce the intro of “Cattle burner”. This is a totally 24k jewel of classic death metal honest, violent, and with destructive feelings. The voice shows anger but desperation at the same time. The particular guttural style fits absolutely with the band. And the “echo” effect in the slower parts of “Mirror Breakdown” pulverizes any doubt about it. Sharp and raw guitars match perfect riffs with a violent drums work, produced in a very correct sound. Not too raw, but not too clean. Just visceral. My favorite is “Inner Demise” with its dark, maniac and horrible melodies from the beginning, followed by a totally insane change to 4/4 where Herostrato’s voice sounds as a real prophet of the human kind. Definitely crawls from the deepest and infernal place of an insane mind. This material was recorded and mixed by Wayne, the vocal/bassist of an 80’s thrash metal band called HUNGRY JOHNY, and he also handled the bass as a session player. By now, the promo has been released as an EP, via FORGOTTEN WIDSOM Prods. I’m sure it won’t be long to hear important news from this band.

1. Cattle Burner
2. Mirror Breakdown
3. Inner Demise
4. Outro (In Mourning)
Forgotten Wisdom Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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