Affliction Gate - Aeon Of Nox (From the Darkness Comes Liberation)

These Frenchman have a passion for Old School Death Metal, Sweden features predominantly, but also the UK, mixing it between Unleashed and Benediction. The thing about this genre is the production, Affliction gate have this nailed to the ground quite firmly. Thundering bass and razorblade heavy guitars and warlord battering drums. A passionate musical style and one developed by many bands in recent years. I don’t hear much development here, it pays pretty much homage to everything that has gone before, but there is a spark that makes you adore this album. I love this genre and consider Afflicted Gate to be equals when it comes to some of the major players in this field. Whilst the band themselves have a stable line up there are flourishes of studio musicians cited both in the studio and live.

The use of sound samples perfectly compliments the music, Herostratos on vocals really does sound like Unleashed’s Johnny Hedlund. ‘Inner Demise’ takes all of those influences mentioned before and combines them into a masterpiece of metal in my book where the drumming is particularly favorable but don’t forget the haunting organ piece towards the end of the tune which actually leads into ‘Mourning’. The artwork is a colourful depiction unlike the black and white representations we have nowadays trying to be truly “old school”. Thankfully on the whole the music matches the bold artwork print. A band paying homage to one of the greatest genres out there, encompassing all the technique and low end dirt and wrath of the past masters. Afflicted Gate is a band to check out indeed.

1. After The Red Moon
2. The Worst Is Yet To Come
3. Knights Of Scorn
4. Our Evil Legacy
5. Cattle Burner
6. Mirror Breakdown
7. Inner Demise
8. Mourning (Outro)

Metal Inquisition
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 16, 2010

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