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Its amazing the amount of quality Doom Metal coming out of Greece these days and another promising band from there landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. Aeon Aphelion were formed in 2005 by George Xenikoudakis (guitar) and Fanis Markonis (vocals) but the line-up wasn't fully completed till 2007 with the addition of Johnnie Dalamagas (ex Media Vox) on bass guitar and original Dreamscape drummer George Touchatzidis. This self-titled debut EP was recorded last year and is available as a free download via their Myspace site. Aeon Aphelion really cast a wide net of Doom with the sounds and influences on this solid, well produced recording. From Solitude Aeturnus, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride to Cirith Ungol and Black Sabbath, the band manages to combine all these sound textures within the one band. There is even hints of a raw, Death Metal sound not too far away from the old Hellhammer recordings.

"Urn For The Ashes Of Gods" treads the well worn path of Solitude Aeturnus style of traditional Doom Metal but with a boost in the death department made by the depressing atmosphere that are guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. Of course, nothing new here but the 7 minutes of great riffing and fine solo work is good but also i must admit predictable. This leads into the more up-tempo "Scythe And Straw" this track goes slightly off the rails in terms of cohesiveness, it just doesn't gel as a composition. The next track is much better, "Embraced In Wings" combines lyrical mysticism with various epic, metal dimensions in the vein of Cirith Ungol mixed with the Goth-Doom approach of early My Dying Bride. The raw sound which some people may not like too much seems to enhance the overall vibe of the track.

The final two tracks, "Womb Stone" and "Of The Horned Wolves" adds other sound elements to the band including female vocals. The latter track works the best of the two and is the most memorable but you would have heard it all before somewhere. Overall this is the sound of a band finding its feet and looking for a direction to go in but this is a great start to what should be a exciting future. They just need to work on some more original elements in their music because it sounds a little recycled from other bands at the moment. However, its a solid 30 minute EP that should please a wide variety of Doom and Death Metal fans alike. Promising stuff from Aeon Aphelion.

1. Urn For The Ashes Of God
2. Scythe And Straw
3. Embraced In Wings
4. Wombstone
5. Of The Horned Wolves

Self released
Reviewer: Ed
May 19, 2010

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