Aenaon/Satanochio - A Parallel Zoetrope (Split)

This 7" vinyl is almost like a sampling CD if anything, showcasing a track from two very similar black metal bands. The first is by Aenaon from Greece, who produce a fuzzy atmosphere along with a fast pace of music. Sometimes the distortion gets so thick that everything becomes hard to hear except for the drums. The vocals are either a faded snarl or clean wailings. When the instruments play together that is when the distortion gets heavy. However, when only the guitar(s) are, then everything is a bit more bearable. It is pretty straightforward black metal, in the vein of Dark Funeral.

The other track is performed by Satanochio from Romania. Their sound is similar to Aenaon since they use a hefty amount of distortion too when it comes to the guitars, but the vocals and drums are very different. The drums are much better as they are clearer and have a more hollow, unique sound to them. The vocals, unfortunately, are not as good and feature a very shrill tone that doesn't go well with the atmosphere or production of the rest of the music. Strangely they are the more seasoned metal warriors and Aenaon don't even have a full length debut out yet, but black metal fans will probably find them much more appealing between the two.

  1. I, Tyrant (Aenaon)
  2. Crimson Grim (Satanochio)