Aenaon - Cendres Et Sang

Aenaon's debut album- 'Cendres Et Sang'- is a unique piece of black metal quality that hasn't been seen in some time since Dodheismgard's last album. It is a mixture of melodic black metal, industrial, ambient, and even progressive metal that is sure to sate plenty of fans across the globe. Rather than take the usual Satanic, tremolo picking and corpsepainted approach, or the highly symphonic approach with a clean, modern sound mixed the harsh riffs, Aenoan choose to start their album out in an odd, weird way that instantly draws attention: jazz. The opening track is a short instrumental but features a full on saxophone for a bit that will appear in other tracks as well, but only briefly. The second track, "Suncord," is more along the lines of the typical harsh, aggressive black style that features well produce snarls that are a hybrid of black and death metal, but the real treat is when everything simmers down in the interlude for a progressive moment and also featuring the jazzy sections again. The two completely contrast one another but make for a very interesting track; one could consider this similar to Ihsahn's progressive black metal work.

"Grand Narcotic Harvest" puts a bit of a Twilight Zone spin by adding in looping, sci-fi industrial samples amongst the black metal parts that make it not only probably the heaviest track, but the oddest one of all. It is like listening to the Kovenant, but not with completely saturated in keyboards and the more cheesy industrial bits.  "Once Finite" is about as close as black metal listeners can get to hearing something like Emperor from Aenaon as the atmosphere is a lot more static laden and crackling, which makes the vocals a bit more shrill but one can still detect the melody through the haze and the extreme pace of the music will certainly make fans of 90s black metal appreciate the band if the first couple tracks sounded far too new wave or modern for them. "Necroscope" switches between harsh snarls and almost spoken word moanings, much in the vein of Dodheimsgard again on top of melodic and rock oriented riffs which helps mitigate the raw black metal power of the music. Then there is "Black Nerve," the album epic, which clocks at about eight minutes, but sounds very similar to the second track as how it is mostly chaotic black metal for the first half of the music and then during the interlude extremely jazzy and carries on even after the black metal picks up. It may not be Aenaon's best track, but for those who like lengthier ones will find it a good listen.

Finally the album closes on "In Heaven" which is actually a cover of David Lynch's music from a film called Eraserhead. An odd choice in artist, Aenaon start the track off with some somber piano and even some guest female vocals which sound like StarOfAsh and then just explode in with the black metal which sounds at its most furious with little melody or direction as opposed to just being almost a wall of sound. Eventually the wall thins out and the guitars can be heard more clearly in their hyper-riffs as they carry on, repeatedly, all the way through the music until suddenly everything slows down again for an ambient closing. As a result, fans will probably be in awe of thise album and how complex and enjoyable it is, and most likely end up spinning it again right after because it was either so wild they didn't get it the first time or far too addicting with the progressive and modern elements to make this album anything but boring. 'Cendres Et Sang' is the kind of black metal for those who want to venture into dangerously unpredictable territory.

  1. Kafkaesque
  2. Suncord
  3. Psychonautic Odyssey
  4. Grand Narcotic Harvest
  5. Once Finite
  6. Carnivora's Lair
  7. Necroscope
  8. Kraanerg
  9. Black Nerve
  10. In Heaven

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 27, 2011
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