Ade - Spartacus

Historical influences seem to be constantly incorporated into Heavy Metal. There are bands like Nile who even take ancient history to create a musical identity. The technical Death Metal band Ade reminds me of Nile, but instead of creating music about Ancient Egypt these Italian metal musicians center their music around the Ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. They even use traditional instruments to give their music this ancient sounding theme while still playing extreme Technical Death Metal. The contrast between the traditional instruments and modern riffing guitars makes for these powerful Technical Death tracks. Their new album “Spartacus” is a complete Technical Death Metal masterpiece. The album also features Nileʼs ultra talented drummer George Kollias who is a master of the double bass drum assault. Drumming on this album is beyond intense with rapid fire blast beats creating some wicked Death Metal rhythms. I find the heavy death growling vocals to match the brutal lyrical themes. Still, my absolute favorite part about this album is the fluid Technical Death Metal guitar riffs. The guitar playing transforms throughout this album creating heavy diverse sounding songs. When matched with the ancient sounding background noises the songs almost transport the listener right into the violent chaos of the ancient world.

The songs on this album are extremely well written and never sound dull or out of place. On the opening track Betrayer From Thrace the song starts out with this short traditional Mediterranean instrumental piece and explodes into an insanely heavy Death Metal riff. Then the rhythm section comes crashing in giving the song a triumphant heavy edge. As the music is tearing along the singer growls out the lyrics with an unbelievable fierce sounding range. The thunderous chugging riffs and drum beats on the next song, Sanguine Pluit in Arena, make for an awesome head banging adventure. Total brutality spills out during the vocal parts as technical guitar riffs shred away attacking like a Gladiatorʼs sword upon an enemy combatant. On the song Duelling the Shadow of Spartacus George Kollias kicks his talents into high gear and delivers a spectacular display of extreme metal drumming. Then right after Duelling the Shadow of Spartacus is my favorite recording on this album called, Mars Unpredictable Favour. Clashing swords can be heard as the song starts out which builds up this ancient battle theme. Then the heavy Technical Death Metal instruments come in with a vengeance as strong as the war god Mars. Another song where the sound is extremely heavy and the music is perfectly composed is Six Thousands Crosses. All the instruments combined make for a killer track that pushes the boundaries of Technical Death Metal.

Ade did an unbelievable job with “Spartacus” and created their own brand of Ancient Roman/Greek Technical Death Metal. These guys are tremendously talented musicians who created music with a distinct identity. Their use of traditional instruments during brief mellow breaks between the insane Technical Death Metal parts allows for them to emphasize the albumʼs overall theme. I understand the argument that a band who focuses on historical themes becomes repetitive after a while, but Adeʼs sound is extremely captivating and each song has its own identity. Like with Nile I think Adeʼs knowledgable creative lyrics and out of this world musicianship will carry them far. I HIGHLY recommend this album for those who love Technical Death Metal and want a lesson in ancient Roman/ Greek history.


1. Betrayer From Thrace
2. Sanguine Pluit in Arena
3. The Endless Runaway
4. Crixius Flags Of Dishonor
5. Duelling The Shadow Of Spartacus
6. Mars Unpredictable Favour
7. Decimate The Coward
8. Six Thousands Crosses
9. Divinitus Victor
10. For Everything To Be The Same…