Ad Inferos - Descensus Revelador

'Decensus Revelador' is a bit of an old school release from Ad Inferos back in 2005 when it was just their starting demo- in recent times it seems like they've gotten more promotion and more opportunity so it can pretty much be considered a re-release. Is there much difference? Not really... save for better quality. For those who are unfamiliar with the band, they perform in a melodic blackened thrash style that isnt quite the raw kvlt fury that elitist black metal fans prefer, but it is certainly harsh enough to keep them interested. Hailing from Colombia, these guys know how to drive their sound with blistering guitars, shrieks, and a certain dose of catchiness that will shred up the earhole without feeling like a band rip off of more popular names out there.

The tracks are pretty much the standard black metal fan-fare. Opening with "Katabasis," the standard shredding and tremolo picking is there but layered in heaps of melody so it feels a bit like there is some (late era) Dark Fortress in there based on the rhythms. The shrieking is raw- some could compare it to Fear Of Eternity raw- but not quite the annoying squawk that tends to turn fans away from black metal, so that is always a plus. Other tracks like  "Thrash Destroy..." are more melodic than others such as the following "Tirania" which is pretty much the standard black metal track, and unfortunately generic compared to the rest which seem to stand much stronger on their own. The closing "Llamado" is the thrashiest of all and certainly catchy- the rhythms are well developed and the drums are more audible and faster than usual (in other tracks they tend to feel buried beneath the noise). In short, most black thrash hybrid fans are going to find this album enjoyable. The lyrical quality is a step up above the average black metal drivel that is heard these days so some might enjoy it just for the words (even if you can't understand them). Definitely worth looking into for those who enjoy harsh music.

  1. Katabasis
  2. Akroama
  3. Incertidumbre
  4. Thrash Destroy Your Mind And Soul
  5. Tirania
  6. Moon's Funeral
  7. Llamado