Ad Inferna- DSM

Ad Inferna make a huge experimental play with their latest album, DSM. Originally a symphonic black metal band, they traded in aggression for catchiness, eventually evolving into a pure trance/ industrial metal band. There are no guitars here, no bass... everything is driven by mechanics and distortion, making a band more machine than man. There are two sides to this. On one hand, it's very catchy with the way the beats and keyboards are layered, but on the other hand, it's lost about eighty percent of it's 'metal' side. You would find this type of music more suitable for a dance/ club compiliation or, if you're lucky, a Combichrist or Gothminister album. But, it may be very difficult to find this album amongst metal fans in general; goth metal fans maybe, if you're lucky.

The only really thing that is aggressive about the music is the vocals, but they are so distorted and warped in the urge to create a psychonaught of an album that they become unintentionally laughable, like a radio station signal fading in and out. There's more than one set of vocals in the mix, both a male and female one. This contrast actually works well for the group, thankfully because the female vocals aren't as distorted and actually add some depth to the music. Sometimes there are samples involved, such as on "The Second Half Of The Sky," but they are repetitive and can get boring over time. Usually it is best to leave it to the main vocals and beats to drive the music. "Dimension Zero" is a very slow, ambient moody song, but unfortunately, the male distorted vocals somehow get distorted to the point of sounding too far high pitched while the female vocals sound absolutely perfect. Then there's "Other Side Of Me," which is slightly heavier as far as beats go, and the male vocals sound a bit better, even though they are distorted still, but at least they aren't as humorous to listen to. Overall, there isn't really anything heavy as far as this album goes... no Trent Reznor aggression here.

The last few tracks on this album are remixes... but really... how can you 'remix' dance/ trance metal? Listen to the original "Crime Body" with the remixed version... the only real difference is that the techno vibe has been turned up and the vocals have been removed for the most part with the remix. Not much else. The other remixes also bring more chaos to their original counterparts, but again, it's just a lack of vocals with a heavier beat. If one really wants to hear some good remixes, try the remix of Project Hate's "At The Entrance To Hell's Unholy Fire..." Now THAT'S how you remix a track and throw in enough variation to make it really enjoyable compared to the original. For Ad Inferna, if one wants dance or party music with a gothic vibe, then eat this right up. Those looking for something more metal driven and mosh pit worthy may want to look elsewhere, because this isn't that CD.

  1. Prémices
  2. Omniscience
  3. Der Ball Der Verdammten
  4. The Second Half Of The Sky
  5. The Other Side Of Me
  6. Crime Body
  7. Celeste
  8. Dimension Zero
  9. Verklärte
  10. Coma (La Fin Des Rêves)
  11. Verklärte - Cellmod RMX
  12. Crime Body- Suicidial Romance RMX
  13. Verklärte - Distatix RMX

Nilaihah Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 13, 2010

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