Acid Reign - The Apple Core Archives

Acid Reign may not not have been an essential part in the big story of Thrash Metal's history. They were however, essential when describing what was going on in Great Britain during Thrash's 80's to arly 90's heyday. Along with Sabbat and Onslaught, Acid Reign were one of the few band's that got enough press and exposure to challenge the American's and were one of the sure bets of the support slot when a band from oversea's toured British shores. When you look at the band's Acid Reign toured with back then it read's like a metaller's wet dream.

They are remembered today as their main strength being their fantastic live shows (just look them up on youtube) and today thanks to the internet they are enjoying a cult following and a growing demand for a reunion. Their career was short but highly successful. Which makes The Applecore Archives that much more special. Old and new fans alike can enjoy everything the band ever recorded in one 3 CD package at a very low price (£11.99 on Amazon) and a total of 52 tracks! It's a 5 star in terms of value alone.

To sum things up briefly the Ep Moshkinstein and album The Fear are both Thrash-tastic! Rather then the aggression and dark heaviness of Slayer or Kreator Acid Reign went for the more energetic, pit stirring mayhem of Exodus and Anthrax. The band took this one step further and added the complexity of Dark Angel and a bit of Mr Bungle for their last album Obnoxious. They band also had a reputation for having a laugh and not taking things too seriously. ALthough there are funny interludes and the like you only have to hear a track such as Thoughtful Sleep to see that when it came to the music the band were very serious. The main treat's here are (although the studio album's are great) the live material which is awesome! All the live track's from EP's and Singles are on this and the recording's capture perfectly the energy and rawness of an Acid Reign show. Also SPeaking of rawness and energy, another highlight is the original Moshkinstein Demo's that are actually better then the mini album and it's clear how the band got signed off the back of them all those year's ago.

All in all if your a Thrash Metal enthusiast or even consider yourself a connoisseur this is a great purchase and a great piece to your collection. A fantastic document of a great band that came and went too soon.

Disc One
1. Goddess
2. Suspended Sentence
3. Freedom Of Speech
4. Motherly Love
5. Respect The Dead
6. Chaos (Lambs To The Slaughter)
7. Goddess
8. Suspended Sentence
9. Bullyboy / Lucifer’s Hammer
10. Motherly Love
11. Two Minded Takeover
12. R.F.Y.S.
13. The Burial
14. Amnesiac
15. Magic Roundabout
16. The Argument
17. Sabbath Medley
18. All I See (Live)
19. Goddess (Live)

Disc 2
“The Fear”
1. You Never Know
2. Reflection Of Truths
3. Insane Ecstasy
4. Humanoia
5. The Fear
6. Blind Aggression
7. Life In Forms
8. All I See
9. Lost In Solitude
10. Reflection Of Truths
11. Blind Aggression
12. The Fear
13. Insane Ecstacy
14. Humanoia

Disc 3
1. Creative Restraint
2. Joke Chain
3. Thoughtful Sleep
4. You Are Your Enemy
5. Phantasm
6. My Open Mind
7. Codes Of Conformity
8. This Is Serious
9. Hangin’ On The Telephone
10. Motherly Love (Live)
11. Warriors Of Genghis Khan (Live)
12. The Joke’s On Us
13. Three Year War
14. Big White Teeth
15. Zzur
16. Zzur Mix
17. Satanika With H – A Mother’s Love
18. Bully Boy (Live)
19. Chaos (Live)