Aceptic Goitre - The Purging

Aceptic Goitre's second full length release 'The Purging' is a relentless assault of brutal death metal. At first glances of their haunting artwork and unreadable metal logo to the opening riffs of starting track 'Befouled In Expiation', this is a record destined for any brutal death fan, and one that isn't short to stray from the occasional slam riff. The horror based theme the band carry is also somewhat unique to the genre. A decent exchange for the usual gore, rape and torture themes related to the genre.

'The Chapel Of Legions' only extends Aceptic Goitre's awesome array of vocal styles that vocalist Teddy is able to produce. His variation is unique to the genre, instead of being monotone and bland. The vocals also combine with the slam riffs creating a monstrous treat for those hammer-fist raisers destined for the pit. Whilst sticking wisely to the genre's boundaries, Teddy's vocals include the usual death metal grunting and filthy gutturals, often reminding me of brutal death metal titans, Defeated Sanity.

The slams don't hesitate to stop halfway through the record, as 'Ceremonial Aftermath' and 'Deep Into Oblivion' pummels my speakers with more of the same well produced riffs and vocal spewage. However the drumming at this point is becoming more and more noticeable, yet acceptable. Drummer George sounds as if he's stolen his nan's pots and pans, as he batters them in some sort of kitchen destruction course. The style is something that can potentially be offputting for many listeners, however on this release becomes fitting and enjoyable the more you accept it. This is especially respectable since the band's former drums were programmed.

'Dark Revelations' and 'Deletion' draw the record to a closing end, yet the album doesn't appear to drag. It's refreshing to hear what is probably a perfect mix between chaotic spazzy riffage and brutal slams as each track compliments one another and defines too much replication. If you're big on the old school death metal scene you'll dig this. If you're big on the modern slam scene, you'll also dig this. Check this album out if you haven't already done so.

  1. Befouled In Expiation
  2. The Chapel Of Legions
  3. The Purging
  4. Ceremonial Aftermath
  5. Deep Into Oblivion
  6. Gillah
  7. A Prologue To Molestation
  8. Dark Revelations
  9. The Possession Of Eleanor Blythe
  10. Deletion

Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 15, 2018

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