Aceptic Goitre - The Graduation Frenzy

This bands logo and cover art will testify to the bludgeoning style the band has adopted for their music which is filed under brutal death metal but has massive amounts of slam too, and even a bit of deathcore in case it's not heavy enough. After a couple of smaller releases this Greek outfit has decided to put out their first full length which came out late last year and contains enough macho knuckle dragging chest beating to last you at least a week I'd say. The band consists of Teddy (vocals, if you can call them that) and Chris Dimopoulos (everything else including drum programming) who have done a fine job within the genre choice. A spoken intro leads into "Sleepaway Camp" and the blasting clang styled snare is typical of this genre where deluging simulated double kick is used to jack hammer the listener continuously.

Within this field of using programmed drums there are some decent offerings but I cannot stand programmed drums live for death metal music so I hope they have live drummer if they ever venture to UK shores. As violent as the music is, and the use of horror or grisly news story introductions to set the scene the band doesn't quite match the sonic annihilation of the likes of Exhumed, Aborted, Thy Art Is Murder or Ingested, which isn't to say the band isn't close as it most certainly is. I particularly liked this bands riffs which are a little different and centre on short stabbing maniacal bursts linked by slower slamming passages that will certainly work well live. "Profondo Rosso" starts in purist death metal fashion and though the production is a little thin and lacking substance the songs are rock solid affairs of gutting deathliness.

A film advert styled sample starts "Slay The Prom Queen" and typifies the brutal death scene and slamming scene where the clanging snare is butted against glass swallowing battery acid gargling vocals, but it suits it perfectly. The pulsing riff in the tune is purist slam which I am very partial to and like the UK I'm sure the Greek slam scene has its share of handwavers and this will please those brutes with ease. "Death Walks On High Heels" has a similarity to Mortician on the riffing, slow and punishing with a gruesome beat to nod that head before erupting violently for the demented speed burst. This release will not set the world alight by any means but its battering credentials are undeniable and has one of the best programmed drum sounds I've heard within this scene.

  1. Sleepaway Camp
  2. Puzzle Mother
  3. Profondo Rosso
  4. The Burning
  5. Honeymoon Hatchet
  6. Slay The Prom Queen
  7. Death Walks On High Heels
  8. Bay Of Blood
  9. The Stendhal Syndrome
  10. Graduation Frenzy