Acephala - Division By Zero

Ahhhhh now this is a fine fine CD to hear on a Sunday morning!!! Acephala, all the way from Ukraine, play a superheavy but ultra groovy blend of old school sounds mixed with the sounds of some modern death metal. Think Dehumanized and Skinless from New York and your close to the sound.

The production here on "Division By Zero" is clean crisp but maintaining a nice level of heaviness. The guitars are thick and really heavy whilst the bass sits nicely in the mix, clunking and growling away. The drums sound absolutely sublime! They have a totally natural sound apart from the kicks, which are triggered but to have a boosted natural sound. I love the snare drum and i love the fact that you can feel every last crack off it!! Lovely. The vocals cover a huge range from guttural low to pain screeching highs. These compliment the riffs near enough every step of the way through the CD.

My head is literally headbanging as I write this. I noticed the songs are all just about the 2 min 30 mark with there being 14 tracks. One would think that thats quite a long album but it's not really when each track clocks in at this. The lyrical influences are Guts and Gore and abit of murder thrown in for measure but however its all tongue in cheek here with alot of humour. There's enough blasts and breakdowns to satisfy everyone here and plenty of death metal to even satisfy the folk who don't like the breaksdowns! A damn fine CD with a bucketload of grooves going on! A very pleasant surprise for 7.30 am!!! I would definitely recommend you check this out!

1. Intro  
2. Class Antagonism
3. Borned In Fraternal Grave
4. Syphilis In Own Juice
5. Frozen, Devastated, Dead
6. Satan's Asshole
7. Silencer  
8. More Than Hash
9. Faggot On Pitchfork
10. Bombs For Third World
11. Castration
12. Vaginal Fat Putridity
13. Annihilation Of Enslavement
14. Division By Zero (Outro)
Soulflesh Collector
Reviewer: Connor
Nov 7, 2010

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