Aboriorth - The Austere Perpetuity Of Nothingness

This is the only genre of music were musicians can create like minded sounds while keeping it there own in little unique ways. There seems to be an abundance of black metal bands these days and more and more SDBM ones. There is more of a sense of personal agony in SDBM rather than angsty black metal with thrash roots. This is another one of these one man black metal bands, which to me is so amazing that one person can come up with all these great ideas for all the instruments. The cover is unique and an interesting approach. Its looks like someone has just put the One Ring on from The Lord Of The Rings and they are looking at a Baphomet head. Most of the time when you see those types of images they are very defined and clear.

This is a record you won't want to be skipping around on. It's very cohesive and best to listen to all in one shot. Imagine being Alice falling down a SDBM rabbit hole, then level out, hop in a minecart and go ever so slowly deeper into the caverns of Aboriorths anguish. The guitar and vocal tones are exactly what you want to hear in this type of music. Although I do wish the cymbals were a bit more present. They seemed to be a bit washed out in the mix from the guitar distortion. So we all felt Trent Reznor when he created "Hurt". We all were blown away with the Johnny Cash version. Almost as if he had originally wrote the piece. It fit that time in his life very well, realizing he had only but an empire of dirt and all the people that meant something to him were gone. Well when you hear Aboriorths version you just sit back and every so gently crack a smile. Covers like this are what covering songs are all about. It completely sounds like Aboriorths sound but is very much so a great representation of the original "Hurt". How fitting right? A black metal band finally covers this incredibly depressing song. This is the SDBM icing on the cake right here.

Cherry included...

  1. The Truth Given In Gold Vessels And Beggar Hands
  2. Hope Drunk And Faith Moribund
  3. The Shortest Doom For The Hanged In A Silk Thread
  4. While The Children Are Rotting In Their Tombs
  5. The Place Where The Night Was Born And The Soul Died
  6. Hurt (cover Nine Inch Nails)

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Jan 10, 2012

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