Aasgard - Obscurantist Purification

Hateful, demonic, primitive and all of the above is what sums up Aasgard’s sound. Here we are given their third full-length offering all the way from Greece, entitled “Obscurantist Purification”. Aasgard is comprised of two souls by the names of Marrok and Aethyr. Marrok takes on the drums while Aethyr takes care of the guitars and vocals. Their lyrical themes are based on Paganism, Hate, War and Norse Mythology. The name Aasgard comes from the Old Icelandic meaning “Home of the Gods”.

Most bands start off primitive and then slowly become more and more polished from record to record with the production. Aasgard takes a different approach to their new release. They went for an even more raw and stripped down approach to this album compared to their last full-length entitled “Morbid Celestial Desecration”, which is also excellent. The organic approach to recording gives the guitars and drums a more barbaric sound quality. The sound entrenches you in memories of old days by capturing the gritty sound of black metal back in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Even though Marrok uses a more raw form of production, it still captures all the articulate qualities of the drums. The snare and kick drum are very clear and natural sounding. Using a genuine method of recording drums gives it much more of a powerful feeling when listening. Aethyr’s guitar tone is full and heavy. It has almost more of a doom or heavy metal tone to his sound. Although all the song writing is very much black metal. There are times where you hear a strong old school heavy metal influence. Aethyr also provides the ferocious hateful winds of his voice. He has extremely gritty vocals which reminds me sometimes of Archgoat and Leviathan. The vocals here on Obscurantist Purification are the morbid cherry on top, to this hateful offerings.

Aasgard continues to not follow trends and keeps giving us more traditional style black metal master pieces. Their sound continues to shape and grow with each album they release. I hope to catch them live if that ever occurs and I look forward to future releases.

  1. Excommunicated Whispers
  2. Revelation Of Dignir Xul
  3. The Wise Lord Of Oracles
  4. Invocation To The Infernal Shadow
  5. Agios Daimonas
  6. Acccurst Power Of Cycle
  7. Th Rise Of Black Priest
  8. Crows Over The Summoning
  9. And The Gods Grand Thee Death