A Gruesome Find - Of Blood And Nobility

This is the third disc of this black metal band from Ohio (USA). The band has released this by themselves and comes in a 6 page digipack with booklet. So the band has put effort in the layout. But have they also put effort in their writings?

I must say they did. Their black metal is woven with death metal which leads to aggressive and heavy songs. They also add some minor Viking elements into the songs. The structure of the songs is changing frequently while there is room for melody and groove. Catchy and repetitive riffs that are backed up by double bas blasting drums. Most of the time the tempo is on warpath but they have breakdowns to mid paced parts. Also the interlude and the piano sonata are embraced switching moods. With "Of Blood And Nobility" the band delivers a nice piece of art that should be picked up by a label soon.

1. Wretched Offspring Of Misery
2. Intro The Real Of Darkness
3. A Cold Night's Empty Embrace
4. Of Blood And Nobility
5. Piercing Divinity's Armor (Interlude)
6. Among The Smouldering Remains
7. Spiritual Art Of Necromancy
8. Ascension Through Crimson Soil
9. Kindom Crusher
10. Ominous Illusions (Piano Sonata Pt 1)
11. Dead March In Saul
12. Book Of Lies (Epilogue)
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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