Tralineate - Parasites

The new work by Chris Sanders under the moniker of Tralineate is difficult to assimilate (and therefore very interesting). "Parasites" is the second album by the one man band from Topeka, Kansas after the one released in 2017. 

Tralineate accompany us on this long journey called "Parasites" with their progressive death of a thousand shades. It will take several plays before being able to get into the right mood to fully enjoy these nine pieces. Really interesting album from many points of view, perhaps not suitable for people who cannot see (and hear) beyond their eyes. "Parasites" is a lethal poison that enters you in small doses with each listen until the mix of sounds and the multifaceted riffs have an effect inside your body. '23 Messages', 'Babylon', 'Harbinger' ... are just the beginning of a journey of progression within the Tralineate creature. Once you manage to unravel the structural chaos created by these songs, you will be able to appreciate every single riff and instrumental construction. 

Excellent work also from an instrumental and songwriting point of view. Songs like 'The Light Above' are the clearest example of this. Nothing more appropriate is the name of the band. Doing things differently and not being tied to the usual clichés, to a specific shape or style. I think Chris specifically chose this approach and this name to externalize everything he had inside, thus creating an album in my opinion very heavy and of considerable caliber. Many will turn up their noses with this album. It just needs to be understood by freeing the mind from all constraints.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Zero Hour
2. 23 Messages
3. Babylon
4. Harbinger
5. The Light Above
6. Arrival
7. Saturn’s Last Breath
8. Autonomous Decimation
9. Parasites

Self released
Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti
Mar 21, 2022

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