Rebel Souls - Dawn Of Depravity

Turning point for these Rebel Souls, arrived with this "Dawn Of Depravity" at the second official full length. Started at the beginning of the 2000s from Germany, Rebel Souls maintain their trade mark by retracing the paths of good old European-style death metal. Relocated and reformed on Spanish soil in 2013, with this second album Rebel Souls take a step forward, both in terms of the structure of the songs and for the whole album as a whole. 10 death metal tracks with black veins and melodic passages.

Straight away with the opener that actually gives the title to this album. All the songs can be listened to in a very direct way and all the work enjoys an excellent production that best supports each single song. No voltage drop from beginning to end, where among other things we find a 'Virulent' which presents itself as one of the best songs on this CD.

Excellent album in all respects. Surely from the previous "The Forces Of Darkness" there has been a general improvement that bodes well for the future of the band. The songwriting has become more complex and homogeneous and everything enhances the band's concept sound in an exhaustive way.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Dawn Of Depravity
2. Trophonios
3. Poisoner Of The Harvest
4. Corrupting The Lambs
5. Sea Of Crises
6. Three Thousand Screams
7. Nihil Infinitum
8. Beneath The Veneer
9. Rebel Souls
10. Virulent