Posthuman Abomination - Mankind Recall

Posthuman Abomination’s album “Mankind Recall” is a visit into the depraved depths of the reality of what is must be like trying to reason with insanity. You know what’s coming, and you know what your fate is, but the origin of your fear is knowing you cannot stop the inevitable. That is the very definition of this album. A massive slab of sinew ripping riffage shadowing the massive throbbing rhythms from hell which pulls you into the eye of the massive chaotic storm right from the start! There is no doubt that the band has not lost a step since their last release. In fact, they have raised the bar if anything. The riffs are like a massive onslaught of tanks heading into battle, heavily trudging over and crushing those that stand in their paths. If you can imagine Morbid Angel playing Incantation riffage with Internal Bleeding’s instruments, then you have the basic idea of what’s going on here. Well-constructed and played from beginning to end. There is an old school vibe to the drum work, but the technical aspect really digs in and takes hold, never letting go; frantically changing often but on point entirely. The drums are what sold me on this release and Marco Coghe is no joke behind the kit! I really like his style of playing and look forward to hearing more of his work in the future.

This is not to knock the other guys in the band. Bassist Andrea Pillitu does an excellent job with the bass lines and making things all nice and bottom heavy, and Lorenzo Orru’s vocals bless these tracks with some really insane screams. Then there is guitarist Max Santarelli of who I’ve already sung praises. Only good can come of these four guys getting together to grind out some really intense and monumental brutal death metal. “Mankind Recall” is what happens when you love music and love and respect the genre you’re playing. This isn’t a release that is just slapped together. You can tell that lots of care and time went into this album. To me, that not only shows respect and reverence to the fans, but also to the people and bands that came before and what they did for the bands playing today to be able to take this art into the next generation. Comatose Music is the label for this release. Contact them of the band for info on adding this CD to your collection. This is highly recommended for all fans of death metal.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Subdermal
3. Mankind Recall
4. Zeroth
5. Muted
6. Mnesic
7. Null
8. Shutdown