Imperial Execration - Commanding Satan’s Crusades

For about 22 minutes, Imperial Execrations “Commanding Satan’s Crusades” annihilates everything in its path and shows you a true force of hell in the brutal death metal genre. Everything is standard here, and not variation from the norm of what is expected in this form of extreme metal. There seems to be a very high Internal Bleeding/Cryptopsy happening here, and the thick production values push things through, adding thst extra element of sickening brutality that many bands spend their whole careers trying to find. The riffage is on point and has a nice bite to it like you would find in bands like Decapitated, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and Cephalic Carnage. Everything is tight and precise here, and what is lacking in variation is made up for in tone and tuning. This aspect of the music is well constructed and is on point in its delivery from beginning to end. The drums work on this release really stands out and is one of the strong points of this entire album. The double bass is strategically placed throughout this release for maximum effect and added brutality. From the most simplistic snare hits to the most technical elements, the band is on the right track to making legendary albums in the genre of brutal death metal.

While everything is on point here, there is still room for growth within the band; so just imagine the potential with this album being as good as it is. It’s not perfect, no, but you can tell that there is great passion and determination within the band, and the desire to make some of the most brutal music to ever come out of your speakers! One of the highlights of this release is track 6, “Victory Of The Stygian Empire”. At the beginning you hear part of the narration from the movie Conan the Barbarian. The use of this audio clip accents the track well and gives the sense of foreboding doom and a thirst for war and rage. This is probably my favorite track on this CD. They sure have passion and talent, and I am sure that their fan base will continue to grow; so, let this album stand as a solid foundation to build upon. If you are a fan of any of the bands mentioned here, I highly recommend that you contact the band or Comatose Music for information on adding this awesome release to your collection.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Summoning Of The Ancient Hordes
2. Commandments Of The Age Of Darkness
3. Throne Of Sadisitic Abominations
4. His Ominous Presence
5. Lord Of Tyrannical Perversion
6. Victory Of The Stygian Empire
7. Condemned (cover Dehumanized)