Gutricyde - Gutricyde

First official album for these Gutricyde, death metal band from Dallas, Texas. The band was born just over 2 years ago dedicating themselves to what can be defined as a brutal / slam gore with a clear American stamp. Initially founded as a one man band by Bret Smith (an original member of the 90's was Texas Death metal band Embalmed), Gutricyde are now a true band in all respects. 30 minutes of music in the wake of bands such as Mortician, Putrid Pile, Frozen Soul .... first Analpsy and more. Unfortunately, the genre does not give space to virtuosity or the like and therefore this work can only be recommended for lovers of the genre. Dark, obsessive and right "in your face".

3 / 5 STARS

1. Bestial Copulation
2. Texas Curb Stomp
3. Run (For Your Life)
4. Anal Pickaxe Maceration
5. Gestative Morbidity
6. Cannibal Cartel
7. Molestation Of Decaying Remains
8. 69 Einstein
9. Prolong The Suffering
10. Pedophile Pulp
11. Pull